Diamond Lock Screen App


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In the 9app platform, a Diamond lock screen is new as well as a fresh version as well as it is widely used by many people in the mobile devices. It can release out in years 21-09 -2019 with specially added features. It is one of universally called a diamond which acts as one of best friends. It can simple to access as well as run over a device free of cost. It let to pick wish jeweler to taste as per your wants. Apart from that users can pick all pendants to meet their style as well as also possibilities when come to save a lot of glitter lock screen.  This tool design with expert engineer which offer the best support to run over a device with no risk of it. 


  This app updated with special features which let to meet new experience over it. It delivers new as well as amazing experiences at all times. 

  • It allows picking dashing picture over unlock the background 
  • It give hand to make ideal zipper by picking several type as well colors 
  • It allows to pick  prettiest  to increase personal note to  zipper unlock screen 
  • User can consider  preview to ensure setting 
  • You can give cute lock screen  wallpaper 
  • Save cute  lock screen at free c of cost 

 The user is enjoying using special features as well as gets new experiences at all times. 


  It is updated with the new version to run as well as get fresh experience in saving images for home display as well as start getting a new look on it.  This version can be simply downloading with any risk as well as the latest version is 

  • 1.0 apk 

 Hope, user can simply install as well as run with a better experience at all time with no error. In case of any error, you just make a call as well as get the best solution.